At Island Schnauzers, we are a small responsible breeder in Sealy, Texas.  Rather than quantity, we prefer to produce a few superb quality puppies.  They have incredible fluffy supercoats, sweet and loving temperaments, and adorable personalities.

We see to it that they are well socialized, with humans, other dogs, kitties, and as much outside influences as we can safely expose them to. 

Our babies are born in our, (use to be breakfast room), puppy room. right next to the kitchen.  They become part of our family from day one.

We have a little place in the country, so our adult dogs, have plenty of room to run and play.  They have a doggie door that enters into our kitchen, next to the puppy pen.  Unless there is some reason that they can not  be part of the pack, such as the girls being in heat, having puppies or nursing. They all live together and are part of the family.  There are no kennels used here unless someone is ill and convlessing.