Right ... Little Girl,    Middle ... Little Boy,   Left ... Big Girl


Currently we have 2 babies.  An adorable tiny little white chocolate female, Lilbit.  she will mature under 6 lbs and is $ 2500.

The male is larger and a color I can best describe as Chocoelate and Tan.  However, he is changing every day.  I

beIieve he will be a kind of honey color!  He is very laid back and should mature as a medium toy about 10 lbs. and is 

$ 1400

DOB:  11/03/14   one little girl is very tiny, and should be a t-cup, maturing about 5 lbs... $2500.  

 The largest girl is the exact opposite... she is 5 lbs already and will be over 12 lbs... $600.

 The little boy is right in between, and should be in the 8-10 lb range... $1200.