Located in Sealy, Texas

This picture is what made me want a toy Chocolate Parti !
                           - Cricket

We strive to provide the best quality Schnauzer puppies, with the finest super coats, beautiful colors, loving and sweet temperaments!   Most of our pups are Toys (7-13 lbs).  We, however, do produce some Miniatures (over 13 lbs), and the occasional tiny T-cup (under 7 lbs).

MOST  ISLAND SCHNAUZER pups are AKC registered!  We now have a few CKC pups... Copper's offspring.

 We are redoing alot of pictures and adding the last litters of 2022!  Please be patient and watch for 11 new pictures of babies to be added soon next week!

A little place in the country where the dogs can run and play!